"Michael is an excellent police officer, investigator, trainer, and  leader within a large Chicago-area law enforcement agency. He has not  only distinguished himself through his work quality, but through his  personal qualities of judgement, integrity, & persistence.

I  have known him since 1998 and have work with him numerous times.  Michael has been tested under pressure and has proven himself to display  focus, fortitude, & excellent judgement at all levels.

I  would highly recommend Michael to any individual or organization seeking  someone who will add value at all levels to any project, team, or  undertaking!"  

-David Hakim (Director of Midwest Academy of Martial Arts)

 "As a member of the DuPage Family Violence Coordinating Council, I have  had the honor and privilege of working collaboratively with Michael.   He is always a consummate professional who is truly dedicated to his  profession.  Michael is especially passionate about working with, and on  behalf of, victims who many times have difficulty, or cannot advocate  for themselves." 

 -Linda Pfeifer (Director of Client Services at Northwestern Mutual)

 "I worked with Michael when he was on the Stepping Stones for Women of  Domestic Violence Board with me.  He helped the board understand the  nature of domestic  violence using his expertise  to clearly inform us  of information that would help us make decisions.  Michael was an asset  to our board not only with information and also by participating with  our clients and at fundraisers." 

-Rogene Lis (Deaconess at Trinity Lutheran church)

 "I had the pleasure of working with Michael as an assistant youth  football coach for four years. Michael was an excellent teacher and  motivator for our children. More importantly than football, Mike earned  the respect of our youth as a policeman. I believe any kid on our team  felt an open door to go to Mike with a question or problem and in  today's environment that is a major accomplishment for anyone especially  a police officer. He has been a great role model and I am proud that  both my son's had the luxury of being taught by Michael not only  football but about character and leadership skills that will benefit  them in their futures."

- Bill Verven (Team Leader Syndication/Participation Loans at MB Financial Bank)

 "I have worked with Mike in a variety of contexts on projects related to  providing services to victims of domestic violence. Mike has provided  training to staff at the agency I work for (Family Shelter Service), has  assisted us with completing background checks for our employees, has  partnered with me and other service providers on the 18th Judicial  Circuit Family Violence Coordinating Council, and has worked with me and  other FSS staff to meet the specific needs of domestic violence victims  in our community. Mike is an absolute expert in the field. He  understands the needs and concerns of domestic violence victims and  challenges himself and other members of law enforcement to provide the  highest quality service to victims. He is warm, approachable, and has a  great sense of humor, which makes him easy to work with and a comforting  presence to traumatized victims. He is a skilled trainer with many  years of experience in teaching professionals and community members  about domestic violence and how to respond to it. Mike is a valued  colleague and a person of impeccable integrity and trustworthiness."

- Amy Milligan (Director of Safer Communities at Family Shelter Service)

" A lot of officers talk a good game about their ability to train on  domestic violence issues but when it comes time to present, they just  don't understand domestic violence dynamics well enough to put it all in  context.  Michael Drugan does understand domestic violence.  You can  rely on him to present a well-informed and appropriate training on  domestic violence issues."

- Jan Russell (Cook County Sheriff's Office)