Drugan and Associates

Our Experience


Drugan and Associates were founded in 2010 by Michael Drugan. Michael, who retired in August of 2019 with over 27 years of service with a large Chicago-area law enforcement agency, has been training law enforcement professionals since 1995. 

He created the Special Victims Unit at his agency in 1997 and specialized in the investigation of intimate violent crime, including homicides for over 20 years. He received numerous commendations and awards for his work in the DV field, topped by him receiving the Illinois State Bar Association Award in 2009.  The Law Enforcement Award was created to recognize sworn law enforcement officers for conduct that promotes justice and to distinguish those individuals whose service to the public brings honor and respect to the entire criminal justice system. The award is given sparingly to recognize those who truly excel in the field of law enforcement.  


In 2016 he was tasked with creating a Crisis Intervention training program, and he wrote what is now the curriculum for the DuPage County  Sheriff's Office 40 hour CIT program. The program is certified by the  Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board and has trained over 1000 deputies and officers from municipal agencies within DuPage County. Mike continues to coordinate and instruct the  CIT program there.

In September of 2019  Mike became the Director of Mental Health Services for the DuPage County  Sheriff's Office. He is also an adjunct faculty member at the Homeland Security Institute at College  of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL. He has trained for over 25 years,  presenting to police executives, patrol officers, training officers,  prosecutors, judges, legislators, social service providers,  healthcare professionals and victim advocates. He has trained thousands  in a variety of disciplines. Mike is most proud to be married to his best friend Lisa and father to four children, Taylor, Michael Liam and Colin. 

Our Approach


All of our instructors have extensive prior experience within law enforcement and the military. The programs we offer are relevant and detail oriented because they come from our experience in high stress situations.

 We customize our training package to suit your company's needs. We are aware of what it takes to engage your employees and create a positive learning environment.  Conducting a thorough needs assessment, our team of instructors will  work with you to identify and define specific strategies that will help  us effectively develop and deliver concepts and material. 

Regardless of  your industry, we will customize existing training programs or develop new ones to meet each and every requirement on your list.                      

Why Us?


You contact Drugan and Associates because you want the job done correctly. Like you, we put stock in loyalty, commitment, honor and dedication. We spent our careers knowing that our work product directly reflects our reputation. We treat each client with respect and dignity, as repeat business means the world to us.  

We respect and appreciate our customers. We are growing a business here, and are in this for the long haul. Because we consistently deliver a quality product, we build bonds with our customers. We want to help you succeed!